Not everyone loves writing but Booker Creative does! We write interesting articles, create copy for your website, and freshen up any content that needs a shake up. Kineta is both and editor and journalist, so she’s smart with her words, and sharp with her editing and sub-editing eye.


If there’s one thing Booker Creative does best, it’s finding an interesting story about your business and telling people all about it, through writing engaging media releases for you and introducing you to the right people. We also do all the media management.

Social Media

Does your social media need a bit of a boost? We love social media! Kineta will make sure you’re on the right platforms for your business, and either run your social media for you, or teach you how!


We have a mobile podcasting studio. Let’s have a chat about your business and add the podcast to your website and give some depth to your Facebook page.

Voice Work

Kineta is also a professional voice talent. So if you have a commercial, documentary or answerphone message that needs a female voice, Booker Creative can do this for you.